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Can you help to solve a mystery

11 September 2019

Bill Allen from Scotland is trying to discover more about a Kinross Wagonette Break that he purchased at auction at the end of last year. He knows a bit about its history but would like to know more about who originally owned it.​

New Zealand

10 September 2019

The initial meeting of the New Zealand Carriage Driving Society was held in 1983. Isabel Cochran explains how the sport has grown and evolved. Carriage Driving September 2019 issue.

CIAT Tismans August 2019

06 September 2019

At Tismans Farm we welcomed 16 competitors to the first CIAT Tismans, with the prefect weather forecast it was set to be a fabulous August weekend at this stunning venue.

Jersey Horse Driving Society Show

02 September 2019

The Jersey Horse Society Annual Summer Show, report by Phyllis Gouédart.

British Driving Society Shropshire summer drive.

02 September 2019

Lovely Driving Days by Dee Williams. Some time ago, I was invited to groom for a friend on the Driving Days, which are held annually during the last week of July in Brampton Bryan, on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border. The event is organised by a special committee for BDS members. It was such a delightful experience for me that I wanted to go again. Since then Pete and I have been taking our own pony and carriage, and it has been turned into my annual holiday.

Zilco Guide

16 August 2019

Zilco recognise that sometimes drivers just need a quick reference on the use or fitting of our products. Their video explains the single to pair buckle fitting on the empathy collar.

Health and Welfare - Turmeric

14 August 2019

People across Asia have used it to benefit health for centuries, Alexandra Frazer, Founder of EquiNutrative explains how this spice can also influence the wellbeing of your horse. First published in Carriage Driving magazine September 2018.

Going for green at Olympia

14 August 2019

​In its ongoing commitment to the environment, Olympia, The London International Horse Show, has once again put sustainability as a top priority for 2019. Taking place between 16-22 December, the week-long Show has reduced its use of single-use plastic again ahead of this year’s Christmas extravaganza.

Spotlight on the USA

14 August 2019

Created in 1937, to help fund community projects, Kathleen Haak reports on a horse show that over the years has made a real difference.

Health and Welfare

14 August 2019

Global Herbs’ Donna Rourke-Houguez BSc (Hons) PgDip MSc takes a look at how the volatility of our seasons is affecting both ‘going’ and the nutrient profile of forage, causing an increase in wear on tear on the musculo-skeletal system of the performance horse. She explores how nutrition can be used to help prevent this and some of the key herbs to consider if you would like to take a natural approach. First published in Carriage Driving, September 2018.