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August 2019 Issue - All smiles at the new look BDS Show

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Reports from across shows including the BDS Annual Show at Smith’s Lawn, where Her Majesty the Queen presented awards and enjoyed the traditional parade. We head to the RDA National Championships as celebrations for their 50th anniversary form part of a weekend of hot competition. News from a full weekend of driving on the Sandringham Estate. Philip Holder shares his expert advice on what to look out for when buying what is claimed to be, an authentic carriage. We discover more about how vibration therapy helps with your horse's muscles and motion and we look at the importance of good hydration. Kathleen Haak reviews this year’s Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show in America and we have details of an eclectic collection of carriages for auction in Canada. We head to Northern Ireland where donkeys make hay at the annual Trim Festival. Susan Dunne discovers more about the strong, sturdy and family friendly Eriskay pony – one our most endangered breeds.