News and events

Extreme Driving comes to Olympia - The London International Horse Show 2019

25 November 2019

Extreme Driving supported by Hugh and Karen Scott-Barrett forms part of the programme at Olympia - London International Horse Show in December.

RSPCA - Flood Advice

25 November 2019

​The RSPCA has an experienced team of around 60 officers - trained to work in fast water and contaminated water, to rescue both people and animals - to provide assistance to communities affected by flooding. The charity has put together top tips for extreme wet weather.

Escape to the islands

30 October 2019

Living on an island can be a challenge, when it comes to crossing the water with a horse, but the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to a slower pace of life. This month we visit the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Anglesey

Helsinki International Horse Show

30 October 2019

​For the fifth year in a row all electricity used at the Helsinki International Horse Show, was generated entirely from horse manure. Over 150 megawatt hours of energy was created from the 100 tons of manure collected from competing horses during the four-day event in the Finnish capital

Winter feeding

29 October 2019

As we prepare for winter, Sarah Poucher from Emerald Green Feeds looks at how the long, dry summer of 2018 meant a different approach feeding. Plus a guide to top tips for taking the stress out of weather feeding. First published in Carriage Driving November 2018.

Horse of the Year Show 2020

29 October 2019

Horse of the Year Show 2020 update: Following the success of the 2019 Horse of the Year Show, organisers have announced the showing judges for the 2020 event.

Horse of the Year Show 2019

03 October 2019

Neil Wray takes the title for the second year in a row. He explains how much the win means to him, his family and the team.

The dos and don’ts of tapeworm control

23 September 2019

Dr Corrine Austin from Austin Davis provides an essential guide to the importance of testing for worms. (first published in Carriage Driving October 2019)

World Horse Welfare Sculpture Auction

23 September 2019

This summer World Horse Welfare’s stunning public art project to highlight the charity’s work has had a huge impact across the country. The horse sculptures are set to go under the hammer in November.

World Four-in-hand Championships Limburg 2020

23 September 2019

​In just one year the World Championships for four-in-hand horses Limburg 2020 will begin. Behind the scenes work is already well underway to make this event a huge success and to further promote equestrian sport in the Province of Limburg.