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Evolution Classes

17 December 2019

A perfect first step. ​Watching Boyd Exell and Great Britain’s Daniel Naprous fly their teams around the Indoor World Cup courses this winter always sets the hearts racing. For the typical driver, this level of extreme driving may be a bridge too far.

POD Training

17 December 2019

Indulge yourself in the wonderful world of dressage judging and see improvement techniques.

The Brooke Hospital for Animals

12 December 2019

In what’s thought to be a first outside of Europe, Senegal will offer an accredited certification in farriery from early 2020, thanks to work by Brooke West Africa.

RSPCA - Flood Advice

25 November 2019

​The RSPCA has an experienced team of around 60 officers - trained to work in fast water and contaminated water, to rescue both people and animals - to provide assistance to communities affected by flooding. The charity has put together top tips for extreme wet weather.

Extreme Driving comes to Olympia - The London International Horse Show 2019

25 November 2019

Extreme Driving supported by Hugh and Karen Scott-Barrett forms part of the programme at Olympia - London International Horse Show in December.

FEI announces hosts for World Championships and World Cup Finals

25 November 2019

Host cities for the FEI World Championships 2022 and other major events up to 2023/2024 were allocated recently by the FEI Board at its in-person meeting in the Russian capital Moscow.

Carriage Driving - History feature

25 November 2019

Encounters with lions and highwaymen...the perils of delivering the mail by John Wright. First published in Carriage Driving December 2018.

Canada - driving in a winter wonderland

25 November 2019

When winter comes in Canada, as Sébastien Boutin and Sophie Moore report, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “dashing through the snow”.

Top 10 tips for winter

25 November 2019

It is essential for owners to continuously monitor their horse’s health and welfare throughout the year and regardless of the season it is important that all farriery, veterinary and dental care is kept up-to-date. As we approach winter, horse owners need to be mindful of the weather and should consider their: horse’s age breed size diet coat (clipped/not clipped) type of shelter available. Advice supplied by World Horse Welfare - First published in Carriage Driving, December 2018.

Helsinki International Horse Show

30 October 2019

​For the fifth year in a row all electricity used at the Helsinki International Horse Show, was generated entirely from horse manure. Over 150 megawatt hours of energy was created from the 100 tons of manure collected from competing horses during the four-day event in the Finnish capital